Mariia Lopatkina

Contemporary Art Adviser

∇ Saint Petersburg, Russia

Full-service fine art advisory based in Saint Petersburg , Russia, to help clients build world-class art collections and make art collecting exciting and successful journey.

 build modern and contemporary art collections through collaboration, dialogue and with a rigorous art-historical approach. In addition to advisory services, I provide collection management, design and administrative support.

Selling of art objecst

Collaborating with art galleries and artists 

Art Excursions through the art world

Art tour to art galleries and museums | Full excursion support during the period of staying in city(for foreigners or Russian from other cities) 

accompaniment to art fairs

You can make a request to accompany for buying art or just exploring the exhibitions

 If you are interested in small event  of immersion in art at breakfast or at brunch before going for a purchase of art or as an independent adventure, write to g-mail or whatsapp

Consultation and support with buying arts

I give full support service for any questions regarding the conduct of events and the purchase of arts

Artistic taste

Accompaniment in formation the taste and perception of fine art 

(long-term cooperating is assumed)

Ask for more information by


+7 (911) 736-56-80

 All the necessary information about the authors and also full complete portfolios with available masterpieces, you can find on the personal pages of Artists. 

Request for a price-list with current prices by e-mail.

Art produces taste


«We all associate our lives with art, someone more, someone less. 

Art prioritizes and helps to distinguish the goog from bad. Art is a game on opposites, it makes you think, overcome and grow.

And not always the “beautiful” become close, more often the “ugly obscure art” is the perfect moment of the artist`s brush.